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AUSTAR Announces the Completion of Its Acquisition of Minority Interest in Noozle Fluid Technology

News & Insights2022-08-08

August 8, 2022—  As a technology-based pharmaceutical engineering solution provider, AUSTAR Group is pleased to announce that the Group has completed the acquisition of a minority shareholding interest in Noozle Fluid Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (“SHNZ”) by way of both the acquisition of shareholding interests from an existing shareholder of SHNZ and capital injection, to mutually expand core solutions for high-end nanometre targeted preparations and active pharmaceutical ingredient solutions, and grow market share.


SHNZ, a high-tech enterprise established in China, can provide complete and high-end solutions for the preparation in nanomedicine, inhalation and is principally engaged in the R&D, manufacture, and sales of nanometre and micron processing equipment, liposome extruder and matching systems, as well as related technologies for the medical, chemical engineering, electronics, and food sectors. 

The Acquisition will bring win-win benefits for both parties. AUSTAR, as a technology-based pharmaceutical engineering solution provider, will integrate SHNZ's core process technology products and enhance its capabilities in high-end liquid preparation projects including nanometre liposomes, emulsion, suspension, and high-end chemical drugs, especially inhalation preparations, anti-cancer, high-potent, sterile and other active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) solutions. By utilizing AUSTAR's domestic and foreign sales channels, project execution, manufacturing and management platforms, SHNZ will further expand the market share of its core products such as microfluidic homogenizer and jet mill widely applied in high-end nanometre targeted preparations and API solutions.

Mr. Mars Ho, AUSTAR Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, commented, “We aim to create mutual benefits through this acquisition. In recent years, AUSTAR has committed to expanding its global business presence. Acquiring SHNZ will strengthen our capabilities as a high-end life science system engineering integrator and solution provider. At the same time, it will enable SHNZ to increase sales of its core products such as high-end nanometre targeted preparations and API solutions through our global sales network.”

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